Therapy Services

Tailored To You. Your biology and life experiences make you unique. There is literally no one else in the world just like you, and therapy for you needs to be tailored to your needs. My job is listening closely to understand where you’re coming from, learning about what you’ve tried, and making suggestions that fit for you. I weave a multicultural lens throughout my work that considers your unique set of multicultural identities and the social and cultural context in which you live.

Sustainable. I aim to provide support and outcomes for you that last between sessions and long after you are done with therapy. I take a feminist approach that involves being transparent in my reasoning and where my interventions come from. In this way, the therapy process is not mysterious. You will be able to take the tools that we’ve worked on and implement them independently of me.

Efficient. I am active about making the most of our time together. Some of my strategies to increase efficiency in sessions and avoid stagnation include starting our work with an assessment of your concerns, providing you with suggestions of tools to try in between sessions, and regularly checking in with you about what has been helpful or not.


What can you do to improve your relationships when you feel alone, fear hurting others or being hurt, or frequently question whether you have enough to offer?

These questions are difficult to answer in general, but especially if you are someone who often feels responsible for people in their lives or larger problems in the world. Maybe you care too much about what others think and lose sight of your own internal compass. Have you noticed a pattern of feeling frustrated by people in your life but feel alone, empty, and lost without them?

Relationship patterns like these can cloud your ability to forge relationships that are connected and secure.

I can help by:

  • Identifying healthy boundaries that work for you.
  • Figuring out ways to communicate needs so others can hear you without being defensive.
  • Developing mindfulness, self-compassion, and other self-care strategies to maintain your integrity in the face of your or someone else’s unhappiness.
  • Talking through what are must-haves for you in a relationship so that you can feel at peace.

Eating Disorders

You might be reading this portion of my website because your eating feels out of control (or too controlled), you exercise to injury, push yourself to exercise despite resenting it, or your preoccupation with your body image keeps you from fully enjoying life.

I support size acceptance and believe that health comes in diverse shapes and sizes rather than a particular BMI or muscle mass. My focus of treatment is on promoting healthy behaviors through intuitive eating and increasing mindful connection with body, food, and exercise.

I can help by:

  • Evaluating what your body needs to feel good and how continued disordered eating and exercise can interfere.
  • Exploring healthier strategies to cope with difficult feelings and relationships to reduce your need and desire for disordered eating and exercise.
  • When relevant, providing information on topics that are often connected to eating disorders, including: stress management, anger, asserting oneself in relationships, intuitive eating and setpoint theory, media, and family.

Based on your interest, I can also make referrals to medical doctors and nutritionists who are trained in these concerns and collaborate with such providers for your care.